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A virtual smartphone, in a web browser.

The smartphone customer base is rapidly growing. Contact centres everywhere struggle to keep up. But with, agents get immediate access to the latest smartphones.

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The Blacktusk Media team has been making product simulations and guided tutorials for more than 8 years.
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An experienced team of digital enthusiasts and creators who love turning bright ideas into amazing solutions.

Over 25 years of experience developing customer support solutions for mobile operators, including TELUS, TELUS International, and LIME.

Extensive interactive design and software development experience, providing solutions for IBM, Viacom, Best Buy, Nestle, and Prudential.

It's a snowball effect. Faster call times from expert agents. Better customer experiences. Lower overall costs.
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What if your customers could log onto your website and teach themselves? Or try a smartphone before they buy?
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Smartphones are here to stay. And so is smartphone support.
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